Developmental Delays and Early Intervention

Developmental delays refer to a significant delay or deviation in one or more areas of a child’s development. Developmental delays can be a cause for concern for parents and caretakers, as they can impact a child’s ability to learn, communicate, and interact with others. It is important to understand the signs of developmental delays and […]

The Impact of Technology on Early Childhood Development

Technology has changed the way we live, work, and communicate. However, the impact of technology on early childhood development has been a topic of debate among parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals. While some argue that technology can enhance learning and development, others claim that excessive screen time can have negative effects on a child’s cognitive, […]

Importance of Socialization in Early Childhood

The importance of Socialization in early childhood plays an important role in a child’s development. It affects the method of learning social norms, values, and behaviours essential for a child to successfully process in society. Socialization starts at birth and continues throughout a child’s life, but the early years of a child’s life are the […]

Emotional Development in Early Childhood

Emotional development in early childhood is an important aspect of child growth and well-being. During this period of early childhood, children develop their ability to express and manage their emotions, which includes learning to identify and label their emotions, as well as developing healthy coping strategies. Additionally, they learn to understand the emotions of others, […]

A Brief Overview Of Major Child Development Theories

Early childhood, also known as the theory that relates to the teaching of children from birth up to the age of eight.Theory is a belief system about the way the world works, for example, the way young children learn and develop. Theory is designed to explain rather than change the world. Although teachers may use theory […]

The Irreplaceable Influence of Mothers: a Child’s Formative Years

Introduction: Mothers play a vital role in the early development of their children. From the moment of birth, mothers provide their infants with the physical, emotional, and social support they need to grow and thrive. This support is essential for children’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development, and can have lasting effects on their future success. […]

Breaking the Taboo:The Untold Realities of Early Childhood Mother and How to be There

Introduction to Mother  Being a mother in early childhood is the part that bears the greatest responsibility of being a family. The mother feels under pressure on many issues due to her social responsibilities. They fulfill their responsibilities regarding their situation but do not view it as a responsibility and instead see it as a […]

The Importance of Play in Early Childhood Development

İntroduction Play  is an essential part of early childhood development. It is not simply a leisure activity, but a critical tool for children to learn, grow, and explore the world around them. Through play, children develop important physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills that set the foundation for their future success. One of the key […]

The Importance of Child Development and Behavior

Child psychology is the scientific study of children’s mental, emotional, and behavioral development from infancy through adolescence. It is an interdisciplinary field that draws on insights from biology, neuroscience, sociology, education, and many other disciplines to help us understand how children grow and change over time.

The Importance of Sleep in Early Childhood Development

Introduction to Early Childhood Sleep : Early Childhood Sleep is an essential part of early childhood development and early childhood education. It plays a crucial role in physical, mental, and emotional health, and can have long-lasting effects on a child’s well-being. However, many parents struggle to get their young children to sleep, leading to sleep-deprived […]

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