Breaking the Taboo:The Untold Realities of Early Childhood Mother and How to be There

Mother with her children
Introduction to Mother

 Being a mother in early childhood is the part that bears the greatest responsibility of being a family. The mother feels under pressure on many issues due to her social responsibilities. They fulfill their responsibilities regarding their situation but do not view it as a responsibility and instead see it as a routine of life. However, from time to time, they react to the situation they are in by living in a depressed, depressed and exhausted mood. However, this is not perceived from the outside of their point of view.

Now let’s review her responsibilities and efforts at home while trying to understand the conflicting mood of being a mother.


Being a woman has routine responsibilities at home for women. They are oppressive for two origins. The first stems from the ongoing social roles and expectations in traditional societies. The other is the transfer of the role of motherhood, which stems from the traditional society and family structure. For example;  The mother prepares breakfast, wakes family, and tidies the house. She washes dishes, clothes, makes dinner preparations, and welcomes guests.The mother takes initiatives for family members to return home.


Another responsibility of being a woman among household responsibilities is to go to work and contribute to the family economy. The psychological and sociological process of the woman at home is also evident in going to work. If the family has a democratic structure, going to work by car is not a problem for women. The spouse can leave the children to work after dropping them off at school, or the mother can leave her spouse to work and go about her own business after dropping the children off at work. Or the father can go to work using public transport. However, in a house where democratic values are not internalized, the process of going to work for women can turn into a completely different paradox.

In this case, he can use a taxi or public transport. Since public transport will be a more economical choice, the majority act this way. The woman in the role of mother may face cold and rainy weather on her way to work, especially in winter. On the way to work, they may not have as comfortable and confident clothing as they are single. Because he has to go to work safely between the harassing and passive-threatening looks. If there are no serious legal and legal measures that protect women in society, natural laws that intimidate and oppress women come into play. This is similar to the times when the role of women was controversial and conflicting as in the early basic times of humanity.

Mother Roles Between Families:

The mother bears responsibility for balancing her and her husband’s families, leading to passive exhaustion. We should not underestimate the number of husbands who appreciate and value their wives. Women’s passive and depressive processes as mothers are often ignored, despite constant human struggle. Applying democratic family structure and equal opportunities reduces the burden on mothers. A woman is the most important individual that raises a society. For this reason, it is of great importance not to forget that the key point of society is women.

Breaking the Taboo:The Untold Realities of Early Childhood Mother and How to be There

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