Guide to a Successful Life

What does Success mean in this worldly life?

Whether it financial independence or emotional dissociation…Successful people are considered to be those who have a well-established way of life such as luxurous lifestyle, healthy beloved relationships and freedom to achieve any wordly pursuits.

Things that a person is doing casually in one life could be a milestone for another. We all are battling inside most of the time. Some get rewarded too soon & some thrive themselves to hell just to be stuck around.
As Khaled Hosseini once said, ‘‘Of all the hardships I faced in my life, none was so punishing than the simple act of waiting.’’

How can one get Emotional Independence?

The struggle is what matters the most. If you survive a bad day and stay pretty determined in harsh moments, then you’re truly a bravo for life. Because it takes a lot to head up strong in the time when you think things are getting apart. Cherish your bravery and always chase your dreams.

If you are not worthy of this universe, you wouldn’t be here. It’s a simple yet universal fact. So why do Comparisons, huh?
There’s no comparison on succession as the comparison is a thief of joy, we all work at our own pace and reach our milestones.
Therefore, Oscar Wilde truly narrates in this way ”Nowadays people know the price of everything but the value of nothing.”

One of the obvious facts about a mature individual is that he always prioritizes himself from all the odds and clingy behaviors. We aspire for our valuable audience to be a better version of themselves.

So, here are some of the habits that do wonders and change your life in an intriguing way.

  1. Master your senses. Don’t let your happiness depend on anyone else, and take ownership of your feelings and emotions. Don’t allow yourself to give the reins of your actions to anyone but You.
  2. Face your flaws. Accepting yourself for who you are, and making the most of your self-esteem, is the best coping mechanism to deal with your fears.
  3. Prefer to say ‘NO’ if it costs you losing your peace and sanity.
  4. Self-love is the best drug. It is as free as water or oxygen. Moreover, It wouldn’t make you self-centered, as it is quite necessary for the nourishment of your instinct/ soul.
  5. Always focus on productivity and run far away from toxicity.
  6. Learn from Past Mistakes rather than burning in the fire of remorse. Instead, use that spark and turn it into a marvelous achievement.
  7. Set your healthy boundaries. Have a check on how much people can take from you. It’s not a selfish act to value yourself, despite all the jeering or sneering.


Finally, we can deduce the idea that emotional stability is an indicator which denies the vague idea that we stop looking for perfection in ourselves and expect others to acknowledge us. The irony is, most of the time, the people who praise us in front are exactly the ones who mock us in behind. And as cliché as it might sound, no ones coming to save or validate.

Thinking is a hard process. That’s why most people prefer to judge. Belittling someone on the account of achievements is the worst standard & criteria that has been set in our society.
You’re not pathetic
Society is…

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Guide to a Successful Life

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